Alexander Rugs operates an 8,000 square foot cleaning facility where both sides of the rug are hand-washed and fully cleaned through the famous “Mirza” rug cleaning system and hang-dried in a separate drying room, while precious and delicate rugs are completely hand-washed and dried. 

All fringes are hand-cleaned with non-toxic cleaning ingredients.  This unique system of rug cleaning has made Alexander Rugs successful since 1935.

Alexander Rugs was originally formed by Kegham Alexanian, an Armenian immigrant from Aintab, Turkey back in 1918.  He eventually came to settle in Orange County, California where he changed his last name to Alexander and opened Alexander Rugs in Anaheim, California.  Kegham, his wife Beatrice and son Ralph, worked the rug shop from 1935 until 1952 when Ralph Alexander took over the entire business.  To this day, Alexander Rugs operates the largest oriental rug cleaning facility at 1130 Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, California 92805. Only two blocks away from Angel Stadium.

Three Medallion Rug




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