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4'0" x 6'9" Antique 1941 Hand woven Armenian Rug.   Inscription in the center medallion reads "1941" and also includes the initials of the person who made the rug "SNS".  Has three medallions.  Red crimson background with blue and navy blue designs.  Handwoven in Yerevan, Armenia (Old Russia).



4'3"x6'1" Antique Bokara Persian Design, handwoven in Pakistan.  

Has red background and knotted fringe.


3'5" x 5'5" Antique Hand Woven Caucasian Village Kazak. $2299.00.  Original tag still on back of rug which says, "19th Century from G.H. Ottarian."    Red background, Ivory, green, yellow, blue and brown designs.  Pinwheel design.  Short fringe.  Made in Old Anatolia.


3'7" x 6'1" Antique Kazak Running Dog Border.  Probably made in Karabagh region.

Hand woven.  Navy blue background with rust and ivory and brown color designs.

Short Fringe.  On one end the fringe has worn into the border of the rug by half an inch.


5'10"x1'4" Antique Persian Door Entrance Rug.  One of a kind rug.

Handwoven in Persia (Iran).  Rare to find these Persian antique art pieces

in the United States handwoven in Persia (Iran), and not woven in China.

The long fringe on the bottom of the rug is 1'3" long.


1'6"x5'6" Antique Persian Door Entrance Rug.  One of a kind rug

Handwoven in Persia (Iran).  Rare to find these Persian Antique Art Pieces

that are actually Handwoven in Persia (Iran) and not China, India, or Pakistan.

Brown with long fringes, 1'10" long, and tassles are 2'6" long.


4'0" x 6'1" Antique Hand Woven Persian Kashan.  Central Medallion.  Floral, ornate, with Herati border.  Few worn areas.

Blue background, red and brown hue designs.  Has knotted fringes.  Made in Old Persia (Iran).


4'2 x 7'2" Antique Hand Woven Three Medallion Kazak.  Each of the three medallions has a cross in the middle symbolizing the Christian faith.  Blue and rust backgrounds with two black medallions and one beige medallion.  Has a short fringe.  Probably made in the Karabagh region.


4'1"x7'8" Armenian 1933 Antique Rug.  This is a one of a kind

handwoven rug, made in the Armenian Caucaus Region.  This old

art piece rug has two areas with the date, 1933 and initials.  The top

end is finished off and bottom has short fringe.  Has the Christian Cross.


2'0"x3'3" Beluchi Persian Antique Saddlebag.  Rare find.

With tassles and marble beads.  This is a one of a kind, antique,

handwoven in Persia (Iran) which is very rare to find in the 

U.S.A. because of the embargo upon Iran.  


8 feet x 10 feet


4 feet 7 inches x  7 feet 3 inches


5 feet x 7 feet


5 feet x 7 feet

Was: $1,699.00
Now: $1,599.00

4 feet 11 inches x 7 feet 4 inches

Was: $1,699.00
Now: $1,599.00